Waiting Under Water Extras

I hope that the extras below will help readers extend their enjoyment of Waiting Under Water after they've finished the text, and will allow students to think about the content of the book in relation to their own experiences.  

The Word Search and Crossword Puzzle are very straight ahead.  Please feel free to print and enjoy.  Answer keys aren't given as all the answers can be easily discovered in the book. 

Beyond those, each of the poster-style posts below can be used as a starting point for discussions and small projects.  I have written a few notes below some of them as ways to expand the ideas presented.  Please feel free to copy the images below.

If your school has Twitter or Instagram and you post photos of any of the projects, I'd love to be tagged to see them!  On both sites, I am @rielnason

This could be a classroom discussion to come up with a master list of possible guests.  
Students could compose a persuasive writing piece "pitching" their choice for a possible guest to the producers of Rise and Shine Canada.  
A classroom project could be to make a bulletin board display of local people doing good things.  

A teacher could come up with a master list of places ahead of time and students could randomly draw a place to research and come up with a little Power Point presentation about.
During the time when the book is being read, a Tiny Treasure of the Day could be featured by mentioning the place, showing it on a map and guiding students to the village website.

Being thankful is of course a wonderful thing and there really is nothing like a good old-fashioned hand-written thank-you card!  Students could choose individuals or groups to send thank-you cards to (health-care workers, teachers, police or firefighters, community volunteers ... and the list is endless) with a specific reason or two why they want to thank them for contributing to the community and making it a great place to live.

Students could write a persuasive writing piece championing their desired prize.  They could research all that would be involved in making it a reality -- where would it go, budget, sponsors, how long it might take to implement, why it would be beneficial ...

Students could draw a detailed picture with labels.
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